The Central Texas Conduit to Success

The city of Jarrell is located in central Texas directly on Interstate 35; the link in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) from Canada to Mexico. A 38-mile commute from Austin to the north, Jarrell is within 3.5 hours from the most significant consumer and manufacturing bases in Texas which include San Antonio, Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston, commonly known as the Texas Triangle.

Along with a highly desirable location and transportation benefits, Jarrell has land for sale that features favorable topography and some with frontage or immediate access to Interstate 35. The city has recognized the need for infrastructure development and as growth occurs, an investment in providing shovel ready sites with vital infrastructure will follow. Jarrell Economic Development Corporation actively seeks major development both in individual companies looking to expand or relocate and with developers seeking to create and build industrial parks.

Our workforce is strong with a labor shed extending more than a 50-mile radius. Workforce housing is readily available for business and industry employees, with 7,000 additional homes projected, most already planned, going into 2023. Currently, the median price for a home in Jarrell is under $300,000, making it one of the most affordable throughout the Central Texas region.

Potential incentives to expand or relocate business and industry may include but are not limited to fast track permitting, cash grants for new or relocating employees, competitive municipal taxes, tax rebates/abates, tenant finish out assistance, workforce training grants, and Triple Freeport Exemption.

Quality of life is fueled by outstanding and proactive leadership, and future expansion plans of the Jarrell Independent School District will continue to improve our already excellent quality of life. https://www.jarrellisd.org/

A laid-back lifestyle, ease in getting around town, family-friendly neighborhoods, great schools, and close-proximity to major metros make Jarrell an ideal home for business and family. Contact the Jarrell EDC today and let’s get started.

“Builders FirstSource was having major problems with on-site paving that had broken down. We reached out to the JEDC and they quickly came up with a grant that would assist BFS in resolving the problem. Our operations have benefited and BFS is glad to have the partnership with the JEDC.”

– J. Anderson, General Manager
Builders FirstSource


Population: 10,245

Average Age: 36

Median HH Income: $58,929

Median Home Value: $155,000

Contact Info

Name: Traci Anderson

Phone: (512) 746-4593

Email: T.Anderson@cityofjarrell.com

Website: https://jarrelledc.org/