NASA picks Cedar Park company for moon delivery contract

For part of investigations that “will help prepare for human missions to the lunar surface,” NASA has awarded a $93.3 million contract to Cedar Park-based Firefly Aerospace. The company will deliver 10 science investigations and technology demonstrations to the moon in 2023, according to a Feb. 4 NASA release.

Firefly Aerospace is a Cedar Park company that develops launch vehicles and in-space services, according to its website. NASA said the company “will provide the lunar delivery service using its Blue Ghost lander, which the company designed and developed at its Cedar Park facility.” Delivery services include payload integration, launching from Earth, landing on the moon and mission operations at the Cedar Park facility, according to NASA.
Investigations will look at the moon’s surface conditions and resources in the Commercial Lunar Payload Services initiative, which works with American companies to deliver science and technology to the moon, according to NASA. It is also part of the Artemis project for future human missions and “sustainable human presence on the lunar surface.”

Firefly Aerospace was previously Firefly Space Systems until 2017 when the company’s assets, intellectual property and patents were purchased and rebranded, according to previous Community Impact Newspaper reporting.

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