Costco unboxes plans for new store in fast-growing Austin suburb

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Oct 19th, 2022

Construction is set to begin next spring in Georgetown on a long-awaited store from big-box retailer Costco.

Issaquah, Washington-based Costco will start building one of its members-only warehouse clubs next April at 2201 N. I-35, according to documents filed with the State of Texas. The nearly $13.3 million store is slated for completion in March 2023.

The state documents show a 160,437-square-foot store will be constructed on 18.7 acres, along with a nearly $1.9 million, 8,127-square-foot gas station with 24 pumps. The Georgetown Planning and Zoning Commission continues to review construction plans for a 157,931-square-foot Costco store and an attached 5,300-square-foot tire center, all on 21.4 acres.

It’s unclear why there’s a slight discrepancy in the figures regarding square footage.

Details weren’t available from Costco. On its website, the retailer says it “cannot comment on locations that will be opening more than three months from today.”

Regardless of the size, the Costco store will be the first in Georgetown and the fifth in the Austin metro area. It’ll also be the only Costco store in the corridor between Georgetown and Dallas-Fort Worth.

It’s been nearly two years since the Georgetown City Council approved incentives for Costco to build a store in the fast-growing Austin suburb. At the time, Costco anticipated opening the Georgetown store within five years. The retailer previously indicated the store, at the northwest corner of I-35 and Lakeway Drive, would employ 235 people.

“Costco’s reputation as a quality employer means they will be providing good jobs for their employees, many of whom will be hired locally. This is a big economic development win for our community, and we look forward to welcoming Costco to Georgetown,” Georgetown Mayor Dale Ross said in a 2019 news release.

Georgetown is home to more than 76,000 people, up about 60 percent from 2010.

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