Dell for Startups Honors Round Rock Chamber with 2023 Partner Recognition

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Feb 8th, 2024

In a celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation, Dell for Startups proudly awarded the Round Rock Chamber with the prestigious 2023 Partner Recognition during a joint happy hour event on Thursday, January 18. The evening marked not only a recognition of the Chamber’s outstanding partnership and collaboration with Dell but also served as a platform to announce exciting plans for the year ahead.

Round Rock Chamber’s proactive approach to nurturing startups and fostering a conducive business environment played a pivotal role in earning the 2023 Partner Recognition from Dell for Startups. The award signifies the Chamber’s dedication to promoting innovation, collaboration, and economic growth within the community.

The joint celebration not only highlighted the success of the Chamber but also served as a testament to the thriving entrepreneurial spirit within the community. The partnership between Dell for Startups and the Round Rock Chamber exemplifies the positive impact that collaborative efforts can have on the local business landscape.

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