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Liberty Hill, Texas is a small town with a big heart and even bigger opportunities. Liberty Hill is a charming community that offers the best of both worlds: the relaxed, friendly atmosphere of a small town, and the convenience and opportunity of a larger city. With a growing population and a strong sense of community, our town is a hub of activity and opportunity.

Small Town, Big Heart

Venture into Liberty Hill, a captivating town where warm smiles and a welcoming spirit lay the foundation for businesses to prosper. Immerse yourself in a tight-knit community that fosters connection and collaboration, right in the heart of Williamson County. Primed for sustainable growth, Liberty Hill offers businesses the space, community, and resources needed to succeed.

The highly acclaimed Liberty Hill Independent School District plays a pivotal role in cultivating a well-rounded community and attracting families seeking the best for their children, while simultaneously nurturing a highly-skilled workforce. With a talent pool that includes graduates from nearby universities and colleges, as well as the dedicated veterans of Fort Hood, businesses in Liberty Hill have access to a diverse and knowledgeable labor force essential for driving innovation.

When it’s time to unwind, Liberty Hill comes alive with an array of entertainment options. Local eateries, cozy taverns, and artisanal breweries offer delightful leisure experiences for residents and business professionals alike. These social hubs not only foster connections and friendships but also strengthen the fabric of our vibrant community.

Growing Bigger Together, Now and Tomorrow

Liberty Hill’s thriving economy is built on a blend of business-focused policies and a welcoming environment that supports both emerging startups and established organizations. Our town’s dynamic and adaptive approach to business fosters an atmosphere in which enterprises can flourish and achieve new milestones. This success is underpinned by a strategic vision for long-term growth and a dedication to enhancing our infrastructure.

With an eye on the future, Liberty Hill is investing in infrastructure designed to accommodate businesses from diverse industries. By emphasizing state-of-the-art utilities, dependable transportation networks, and smart land use, the town is establishing a solid foundation for businesses to succeed in the years ahead. Boasting a naturally abundant land resource, Liberty Hill provides ample space for development while remaining devoted to sustainable growth. This forward-thinking strategy ensures that the town will remain an attractive destination for businesses seeking both stability and opportunity, far into the future.


In Liberty Hill’s Economic Development Corporation understands that the decision to relocate a business goes beyond job opportunities—it’s about finding the perfect community, schools, and lifestyle for your employees. From the moment you state your interest in Liberty Hill, you’ll encounter a team of individuals dedicated to helping your business prosper however they can. From site selection, to workforce needs, to administrative assistance, Liberty Hill EDC will always be in your corner.

Liberty Hill’s welcoming spirit, combined with a dedication to sustainable growth and development, offers an unparalleled environment for businesses to thrive. When you join the Liberty Hill community, you’ll have a reliable team behind you, ready to support you as you grow and expand your business. Contact a market expert today to get started!

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Market Overview
  • Population 6,801
  • Median Household Income $86,272
  • Labor Force (% 16+) 70.8%
  • Average Commute Time 31.3 minutes
  • % with Bachelor’s Degree or Higher 34.5%
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  • Mary A. Poche
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