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Taylor, Texas, where the spirit of entrepreneurship thrives within a close-knit and nurturing community. Set against the backdrop of the dynamic Austin metropolitan statistical area (MSA), Taylor melds its storied past with a forward-thinking attitude, making it the ideal location for businesses seeking to establish roots and grow.

Taylor is Growing, But It’s Still Young at Heart

Possessing the unbeatable combination of small-town charm and big-city convenience, Taylor, Texas is perfectly positioned to experience incredible growth in the near future. The affordable housing and low cost of living attracts families and young professionals alike. Between 2010 and 2020, the population grew at a rate of 11.16%, and the average age of Taylor residents is 36.22.

The historic downtown district of Taylor boasts charm and entertainment options for residents and visitors alike. Stroll down the streets, lined with quaint shops and delightful eateries that offer a variety of delicious dishes and beverages. Beyond the culinary scene, the district is home to several cultural venues, including the Howard Theatre and the Moody Museum, both of which serve as reminders of Taylor’s rich history and add to the area’s distinctive character.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Taylor has much to offer in the form of abundant green spaces and proximity to several state parks. With over 315 acres of outdoor space, the city provides numerous opportunities for recreation and relaxation. Lake Granger, a short drive from the city, is an excellent spot for fishing, boating, and camping, while Jim Hogg Park is a local favorite for hiking and picnicking. Taylor’s plentiful parks and recreational facilities cater to diverse interests, ensuring that there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

A City Taylor-Made for Business

Finding a location with everything your business needs is vital. That’s why the town prioritizes offering sites with easy access to water and wastewater facilities designed for industrial use. When exploring Taylor, the cities commitment to providing suitable spaces for businesses is clear, thanks to the well-planned and adaptable infrastructure. Each recommended site is equipped with the resources needed to meet a business’s unique demands, ensuring a hassle-free expansion or relocation process.

Taylor is proud of its skilled and dedicated workforce, which proves invaluable to any business. Its strategic location within the vibrant Austin metropolitan area ensures companies can access a diverse talent pool covering various industries and specialties. Local educational institutions, including the Taylor Independent School District and nearby universities, collaborate with businesses to create programs that prepare students for today’s competitive job market. This teamwork fosters a workforce that’s ready to meet modern business challenges.

The lower cost of living in Taylor, compared to many other cities in the state, makes it an attractive option for both businesses and employees. Affordable housing prices make it easier for companies to attract and retain skilled workers, providing the flexibility needed for success. Taylor’s robust and diverse economy spans numerous industries, such as advanced manufacturing and healthcare, among others. This dynamic business landscape offers plenty of opportunities for growth and innovation, making Taylor a city brimming with potential and charm.


When you choose Taylor, you’re not just selecting a location—you’re gaining a partner. Taylor’s Economic Development Corporation is dedicated to helping businesses succeed, and they pride themselves on being a reliable source of information and support. From site selection to navigating local  and state regulations, their market experts are here to assist you every step of the way. They work closely with businesses to ensure a smooth transition into the Taylor community, allowing you to focus on what you do best: running a successful enterprise.

Experience the difference that Taylor, Texas can make for your business. With exceptional resources, a skilled workforce, and unwavering support, your business will have everything it needs to thrive. Reach out to one of Taylor’s market experts today, and see for yourself why so many businesses have chosen to call this city home.

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Market Overview
  • Population 16,887
  • Population Growth Rate 11.16%
  • Median Age 36
  • Median Household Income $60,629
  • Labor Force (% 16+) 61.3%
Market Experts
  • Ben White
  • Regina Jo Carlson
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Yantis Receives TCMA Assistant of the Year Award

The City of Taylor is pleased to announce Assistant City Manager Tom Yantis has been selected as the Assistant of the Year Award in Memory of Valerie Bradley by the Texas City Management Association (TCMA).

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4th Street Construction to Begin First Week in February

The City’s “Taylor on the Move” Street Maintenance Project is underway and project managers have announced that they will begin planned improvements on Fourth Street at the beginning of February.

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Notice of Intention to Issue Certificates of Obligation

NOTICE is hereby given that it is the intention of the City Council of the City of Taylor, Texas to issue Certificates of Obligation of the City in one or more series for the purpose of providing funds for paying contractual obligations ...

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