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The Williamson County Economic Development Partnership is a self-funded collaboration of city leaders acting together to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for the region. Under the values of strategic growth, professionalism and integrity, and a shared pro-business mentality, the partnership works to build shared prosperity in the region.

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Williamson County is full of rich history and friendly people. A variety of communities greet you with all the Texan hospitality they can give. Our county has experienced robust growth over the past decade, but maintains the quality of life you and your employees deserve.

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Williamson County News

Williamson County, city of Georgetown approve incentives for CelLink, Gateway35 project

Both Williamson County and the city of Georgetown approved economic development agreements with CelLink and Titan Gateway35 during their Feb. 22 meetings. CelLink, an electronics technology company, announced it would build a 294,297-square-foot facility at Titan Gateway35’s master-planned industrial park located near…Read More

Why this Williamson County highway may be ‘new center of gravity’ for critical tech in US

What might be the most coveted stretch of highway in the country from an economic development standpoint starts with a Dairy Queen and ends with a Best Western, with strip malls and vast swaths of farm land in between. It…Read More

Samsung Makes Its Pick: The inside story of the huge deal in a tiny town

The first inkling for Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell that a multibillion-dollar economic development project was interested in his patch of Central Texas came as he was celebrating his 37th wedding anniversary. Gravell and his wife were eating dinner on…Read More